I’m a 29 year old re-blogger (if that’s even a term) from Bedford. I used to blog years ago (I’m talking the piczo/msn spaces era) – and while I had a bit of free time at college I decided to start blogging again. I love everything about it, from coming up with content ideas, to writing to photography, oh and not forgetting the social media side of thangs. I stopped for about a year due to some personal problems but I never really left the scene, I just needed some time for myself to evaluate what I wanted to do. BUT I’m back now and more determined than ever.

I’m a graphic designer/hand letterer (I make blog logos – so hit me up if you’re interested) but I also work a full time job – gotta have that stable money. I own a little hand lettering biz called Ink Art Love and I’m also working on a couple of other things too (secrets for now though :))

I like to blog about real life stuff, beauty and fashion. I want to be able to represent and relate to the people who do grow up going through things that the majority would never understand, the people who can’t afford to buy the latest products or clothes when they come out – as much as I love aspirational lifestyle blogs and I still admire what they’re doing – it’s not something I can personally relate to. I also NEVER thought I’d be someone to do anything related to fashion, but I do enjoy it – I’m a petite gal who goes to the gym and is fucking struggling to find clothes and outfits that fit my body.


All views expressed on www.emmaloulemon.co.uk are my own and are based on my own experiences. I am PR friendly and can be contacted via email: hi@emmaloulemon.co.uk or you can get in touch via twitter or instagram.

To request any more info/stats just drop me a message 🙂